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Mitsi Art FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Does having my car serviced by Mitsi Art within the warranty period affect the manufacturers guarantee?

No. As we fit only genuine parts, have the specialist training, diagnostic tools and equipment and follow the manufacturer's recommendations and schedules, your warranty is protected by law. Mitsi ART will guarantee that any work we undertake will be in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines for the vehicle and will not invalidate your warranty.

At Mitsi ART, we are confident our average labour charge is far less than your main dealer with all the benefits of a specialist repairer. So not only is your warranty intact, we guarantee to make it easier on your pocket.

The new competition law framework for the automotive aftermarket

Mitsi Art

Can I bring my new car to you for servicing and repairs or am I bound to the main dealer until my warranty expires?

Servicing restrictions were lifted in May 2004 by the Office of Fair Trading. By law, any repair carried out by trained personnel, using equipment fit for the task of and following the manufacturer's recommended repair procedures, cannot effect the warranty of the vehicle.

Therefore, you are free to take your car to an independent garage for its servicing and repairs, provided these are carried out in line with the manufacturer's guidelines

The new competition law framework for the automotive aftermarket






Mitsi Art